do you offer shipping?

Due to the variety of items that we offer, we are currently unable to offer shipping. We’d love to serve the wider world- but for now, you Lancaster locals are our chums, and we’re really glad you are.

where will i pick up my item(s)?

Inside each Shop page on the site is the location of pick up. Don’t show up unannounced please- as the house will be locked and you will have wasted a trip. So sorry. :/

How soon can I pick up my items?

Under each shop are the times available for pickup. If none of those times works for you, you will be prompted to select a custom time during checkout. We will contact you shortly after your order to confirm or reschedule that custom time.

Where did you get all this stuff?

That’s a very good question, my friend. Some of the items were bought new, others were scavenged from yard sales or used furniture stores. Within the description of most items, we freely share it’s location of origin. If you have questions about a specific piece, send us a quick message through the contact button above.

Can I return or exchange an Item?

We’ll take this one a case by case basis. Generally we will not except returns or exchanges unless there were serious problems with the item that were not disclaimed in the product description.

I have another question

Hit the contact button below to send us a quick message and we’ll get back to you just as quick as we can. :)